Hugs not divorce

Would you like to incorporate more warmth in your marriage? I say divorce-proof because if you do that every day, chances are you won’t be prone to accumulating contempt and bitterness. A “Hug from the Heart,” is a amazing new habit to start.

The secrets of long-lasting, happy marriages include simple things that increase heat in a relationship. And who does not need a more loving, connected relationship?


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My friend Kristine James has been doing this for many years and highly recommends it. This is your opportunity to stop the world for just a minute while you embrace, taking in the sense of your partner. What a terrific way to start the day. One minute can seem long and if it’s awkward, aim for 30 seconds at first.

You can hug horizontally in bed upon waking, but try to develop a habit of hugging after you have gotten ready for the day, before going your separate ways. When you have showered and gotten ready for the day, your paths might cross in the hallway. What an ideal time for a smile and a hug. This is a hug from the center.

Another option is to hug six times a day for six seconds. Sounds scientific. Should you time yourself? Authors Patricia Love and Steven Stosny state that if the first emotion of the day is a positive one, the next emotion is very likely to be positive. They say that the less you touch, Orlando FL Rat Removal, the more resentful and detached you can become. Frequent hugs keep serotonin levels high enough to guarantee a calm feeling.

If you start every day with a hug and make it a habit, you may add warmth to your union and improve your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. By making hugs a ritual, you’ll be less likely to carry resentment and anger into the following day. How can you get upset with your spouse if you know you’ll be hugging each other for a minute every day? If you adopt this habit and discover that you fail or miss a few days in a row, you’ll discover that things are not “right.” After you notice a little space, speak about it.

Look at a hug (or 6!) A day an insurance plan.

“Reciprocity is vital for the success of a connection.” -Willard F. Harley Jr..

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